Tenacity to Achieve the Best

Sep 24, 2018

Our Employee of the Month

Get to know Franklyn

We would like to dedicate this week's post to Franklyn-Brown Duah to congratulate him on being Employee of the Month for the month of September.

Franklyn is the embodiment of charisma and is a true team leader and player. He is a frequent favourite with clients and coworkers alike, always bringing with him his ability to control and navigate all situations with warmth and decorum, as well as in the vibrance he brings out of the kitchen and injects into his process of service.

Franklyn is originally from Navrongo in the Upper East Region, and loves to practise his singing and writing in his spare time. He believes in exercising tenacity to achieve his very best, which he has conveniently applied as his life motto. When he is not working, Franklyn enjoys reading a good book and strategizing for success in his endeavours. He says that his favourite recipes to recommend to visitors at the cafe are the creamy Cajun Linguine with fula or a brownie milkshake with whipped cream.

He has shown immense dedication and promise in his time at the cafe and we look forward to seeing him come into full bloom